How did Marie survive the attack of Homelander in Season 1 final of Gen V

Gen V season 1 final has left viewers wondering how Marie Moreau survived the homelander’s attack and rightly so. Homelander (Antony Starr), The Boys’ primary arrival, Gen V’s original series, is an almost invincible Supe with both incredible strength and durability. Jazz Sinclair is, without a doubt, one of the most formidable supes Gen V has been introduced to the show’s universe. Still, much of what Gen V examined before the season 1 final reveals how the blood-manipulating teen was able to withstand the homelander’s direct dose of heat vision.

Clash of Epic Proportions

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s Marie Moreau vs. The Homelander moment that comes as a surprise to Gen V viewers. Homelander is posing a remarkable threat, with those who want to stop his reign of terror looking for creative ways to thwart Supe. Marie’s incredibly unique and difficult-to-defend powers establish her as the key to defeating Homelander. Several Gen V theories explain how Marie joins The Boys in the show’s fourth outing, and now she certainly has a personal reason to fight the leader of The Seven. Other than the larger story, however, it’s hard to explain how Marie survived the (mostly) fatal blow from the Homelander.

Origin of conflict

 At the end of Season 1 of Gen V, Marie and her colleagues are divided when it comes to dealing with Woods – Godolkin University’s underground Supe experiment facility. Soon, a vengeful Kate (Maddie Phillips) and Woods survivor Sam (Asa Germanan) rescue their fellow Sups and encourage them to kill people indiscriminately. Ashley, Watt’s current CEO, is on campus with her team, trying to cover up many of the season’s PR nightmares. In the wake of the bloodshed on campus, Ashley immediately appealed to Homelander to “save” the day. Amid the chaos, Ashley also calls Marie and begs her to stop Kate and Sam.

Although Ashley leaves a carrot-like swinging encounter with Marie’s estranged sister, the blood-manipulating supe explodes. Marie doesn’t want to hurt her teammates, but she can’t resign herself to cruelty. After using a new aspect of her powers to manipulate the opponent’s blood, Marie comes face-to-face with Kate. Before Kate uses her mind control powers to bring Jordan (London Thor and Derek Luh) into her flock, Marie reaches out in panic and accidentally cleans Kate’s hand. At the right time, Homelander arrives, reprimanding Marie for attacking her “like herself” and favoring her fellow Supe supremacists, Kate and Sam.

No explosion from anywhere.

To further its own far-right agenda, Homelander shot Marie in the chest with a dose of his trademark Heat Vision. This, in turn, forces Voot to twist the story, pin down the Godolkin attacks on Marie, Jordan, Emma (Liz Broadway), and Andre (Chance Perdomo), and portray Kate and Sam as day-saving heroes. When Marie arrives at a strange facility, Andre assures her that she has taken the Homelander’s attack “like a champion.” While it’s possible that Marie Moreau’s newfound abilities in Gen V’s final are the tip of her latent blood-related powers, they’re probably not a reason to survive the homelander’s attack.

The puzzle of Homelander’s grace

Even if Marie had the power to manipulate the blood of others or use her abilities to heal herself and others, it is unlikely that any of these traits would have played a role in resisting the explosion of the Homelander. In fact, it is highly likely that the Homelander has retreated. As seen in The Boys, the homelander uses its heat vision not only to pierce through enemies but also to heat milk, meaning it can reduce intensity. The more frightening question, perhaps, is why the homelander wanted to keep Marie alive, especially since Gen V Supe may be one of the few people on the planet who can defeat her.


Marie Moreau’s survival in the face of Homelander’s devastating heat sight attack remains a mysterious puzzle. While the world of Jane V and the Boys is full of superpowers and epic performances, this particular encounter has left us with more questions than answers. As the series unfolds, we can only hope for more insight into the mysteries of Marie’s powers and the true intentions behind Homelander’s unexpected act of kindness. However, one thing is clear: the battle between Sups and his opponents is not over, and the secret of Marie’s existence will continue to attract viewers for the coming season.

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